Ziptron is Freedom 2.O; freedom from how we typically drive and commute, freedom from our misconceptions of electric vehicles, freedom from the ways we maintain a car, freedom from how we live, and freedom from the past.
Ziptron is our ride to a happier, greener, better world.

So electrifying, it’s the new pro.
It’s Freedom 2.0

A 60-minute fast charge and for days you're good to go.
That’s Freedom 2.0

An app, so hi-tech, it steals the show.
That’s Freedom 2.0

A battery that lasts beyond expectations, not below.
That’s Freedom 2.0

Hassle-free maintenance. You’ll rarely need it though.
That’s Freedom 2.0

Clutch-free so you can always drive like a pro.
That’s Freedom 2.0

Drive hard, not slow.
That’s Freedom 2.0

Pollute or compromise? We say no.
We’ll show you Freedom 2.0

The Technology that will bring Freedom 2.0 is here.

Presenting Ziptron, the core of Tata Motors’ revolutionary electric vehicles that will soon change the country and then, the world.


There’s no power band, just pure power that gives you a rush of instant acceleration when you step on the pedal. It’s magnificent performance without a drop of fuel. This means no tailpipe and no exhaust emission.

Freedom 2.0 Connectivity

Stay connected to your electric vehicle via a smartphone app with Ziptron’s superior connectivity. You get 30+ connected features, including location-based services, vehicle health monitoring, alerts, safety, security and much more.


Our technology will transform the way people look at the comfort and safety of electric vehicles. Get a premium in-cabin experience with no noise and no vibrations, clutch-free driving that reduces fatigue. The floor-mounted battery pack creates a low center of gravity for a great ride, smooth handling and cornering with minimum body roll. It’s smooth. It’s quiet. It’s safe.


Our high-tech battery charges up in no time. The range it offers in just a single charge is astounding. There’s no qualms about quality; you get a long-term warranty on the entire high-voltage powertrain, including the battery.


Futureproof Lithium-Ion Battery Chemistry compatible with upcoming Fast Charging Network

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Get superior performance on demand with the highly efficient Permanent Magnet AC Motor

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Power Electronics

Enhanced efficiency with integrated motor controller to save weight

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