Under the hood

01. Battery

Substantially built on over 1 Million Kms of testing experience, the battery comes with an 8-year warranty.

Power your drive with futureproof lithium-ion battery chemistry that’s compatible with upcoming Fast Charging Networks. IP67 Battery pack ensures dust and water proof performance.

Chilled Liquid Cool Battery delivers peak charging and unmatched performance consistently over a wide range of operating temperatures.

02. Motor

The Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor is highly efficient. Experience unmatched electric performance with the Instant Torque. The flat torque curve throughout the drivable RPM range gives you a remarkably smooth drive. Witness peak performance that lasts with the dedicated cooling circuit.

03. Power Electronics

Witness the brilliance of upgraded technology with the integrated motor controller that saves weight and increases efficiency. The Water Cooled Power Electronics architecture offers a consistent performance and long-lasting durability. It optimizes for efficient operations over a wide spectrum of operating temperatures.