The evolution is here.

And it is electric

Evolve to a new age of electric vehicles, powered by Ziptron Technology.


Evolve toa drive with more power.

Evolve to quicker pickups.
And longer distances.

Electric has been electrified, with Ziptron technology. It isn’t simply superior performance. It’s also superior drive comfort. Delivered effortlessly because of the total synergy between our battery, motor and power electronics.

Evolve tocleaner technologies
And quieter drives.

Tata Tigor EV

Ziptron technology happily scores zero on a lot of things. Zero noise. Zero vibrations. And zero emissions.
What this means is that you get a smoother drive, and a car that’s quieter and lasts longer.
All while leaving behind a cleaner world.

Evolve toinformation at a touch.

Evolve togetting more out of very little.

Ziptron technology is more than drive performance. It’s something that’s hardwired into the car’s DNA. It lets you fast charge the car in under 60 min#. It keeps you in touch with the car through the app. And it puts the freedom of mobility in your hands with a charger that can be connected to any 15A plug point.

Evolve tothat future, today.

A future with a lot more to come.

nexon car
nexon car

A New Range Of
Electric Vehicles

*Terms and conditions apply. ^As per internal data. #SOC (10%-80%) under testing conditions at 25 degree ambient temperature.

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Tata EV

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