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Extended Warranty Benefits

Discover the benefits included in extended warranty benefits and see how they can ensure peace of mind.

Increase resale value

Enhance resale value, extended warranty is
Transferable on resale.

Quick fix

No documentation, paperless system, backed

Drive assured

Protect against the unforeseen repair bills.

Anywhere, Everywhere

Accepted across pan India TATA MOTORS authorised workshop network.


Trained Technicians, Genuine Spare Parts and Lubes assures quality; which gives trouble free ride.

Major Parts covered

Cooling System

Radiator, coolant pump, Main battery & Traction motor auxiliary tank.

Steering System

Rack and pinion, steering box, column, shaft bearings, couplings, motor, sensor, gear and EPAS module

Front wheel drive

Drive shaft and couplings, constant velocity joints, hub, drive flange, transfer case.

Charging & power System

Charging socket. HV lines, Power distribution Unit, DC DC Convertor, On- board charger or 3 in 1 unit as applicable, VECU

Brake System

Brake Calipers, Drums, Discs excluding Brake Pads/Liners, (Any Claim Is Limited to 50,000 Kms
Only), Servo, Master Cylinder, Wheel Cylinder, Vacuum Pump, Handbrake Lever and Ratchet, ABS
ECU With Modulator, Wheel Speed Sensor, Brake Pedal Switch


Shock absorbers, bush, control arms, upper and lower wishbones, springs, sub frame. (Any claim is limited to 50,000 kms only).

Ignition System

Ignition switch, Immobilizer ECU.


Wiper and Washer motor, Window Motors, Fan motors, Panel Switches & Instruments, Driver
Information System, Body Control Module, Ambient Temp Sensor, Rain Light Sensor, Rear View
Camera (as applicable), Window Winding Controller, Door Latches

Air Conditioning

AC Compressor, condenser, evaporator, AC control Panel, Thermal expansion valve, blower motor, heater unit, pressure switch, Automatic climate control switch 


Extended warranty

Secure your car against unforeseen breakdowns and repair bills, even after the original warranty is over. Extend your original warranty by one or two or three more years through our Tata Motors Extended Warranty Program.


Owner’s responsibility

You can purchase the Extended Warranty from any Tata Motors Authorized showroom or workshop- at any dealership of your choice.